What is Enhanced Assignments?

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Enhanced Assignments allow educators to continue to enrich and scaffold the learning experience for their students by providing structured guidance and additional sources of inspiration for each assignment.

Educators can now add rich text to their assignment descriptions, such as bullet points, numbering, Bold and italic font, and hyperlinks. Educators can also add media from various sources, streamlining the video creation process for their students. 

Please see more information about Enhanced Assignments in this video:

To create an Enhanced Assignment:

Go to your Classes tab and select the class you would like to make an assignment for. Click the blue  Create Assignment button.

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Complete assignment Basic Info: Name, Description, Project type (Video, GIF, or Podcast), Assignment Type (Individual or Team), Due Date and Time. When writing the description, you have options to add: rich text, Bold, Italics, numbering and bullet points into the body of the description.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 100042.png


To add rich text, highlight the part of the description you would like with rich text and click the hyperlink icon on the dashboard. That will lead you to a popup where the rich text link can be added. Click Save once completed. 


To add the assignment cover photo, click the Import cover photo button and select the photo from your devices. The recommended resolution is 1200*627 with a 72*72 resolution.

Screenshot 2024-06-27 152132.png

You can create starting blocks for your learners. When they launch the assignment, they will be able to use the media and placeholder in the starting blocks to create their works. Click Add media and starting blocks to start building starting blocks for this assignment.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 100110.png


On the starting blocks set-up page, you can add the media to the assignment by selecting it from the project bin on the left. You can also add the media to the timeline. Learners will see these media and tracks when launching the assignment, and they can edit, add, or remove media from the starting blocks. After creating the starting blocks, click Close at the top right to save and close this page.

Screenshot 2023-12-04 145456.png


Save Draft as you create the assignment and click Assign when you are ready to share it with your students. Please note that you cannot edit the assignment type or update the formatting blocks once the assignment is published.

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Happy assignment creating from the WeVideo team! 


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