How do I create projects in Storyboard mode?

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What is Storyboard mode?

The Storyboard mode is intended for users to create their projects quickly with basic functionality. This mode is great for individuals who want to create a simple video in just a few minutes or map out their ideas before diving deep into it.

In this mode, you can easily modify clips, trim videos, add text, and add music. You can add one voiceover file and one music file to an edit in the Storyboard mode. If the video is longer than the audio used as the music file, it will loop automatically. If you want to have multiple audio tracks with more control, consider switching to the Full featured edior mode.

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Please see more information about the storyboard mode in this video:

Start a project in Storyboard mode

In the Next-Gen environment, click the dropdown icon next to the Create button and select the Storyboard option.

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Add media in Storyboard mode

Users can use the Import, Record, or Narrate buttons to upload or record media for the project. Once the media is added to the project, it can be found in the Project bin section.

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Besides importing media or creating recordings directly in the project, users can also use the library in the project to find all the media uploaded to their account, stock media, text effects, and backgrounds that can be added to the project.

You can find the following categories in the library:

  • Project bin: All the media, text, effects, and backgrounds added to this project. You can use the Import button to upload media to the project, the Record button to record your screen or yourself with the webcam, or the Narrate button to record audio.
  • Uploads: All the media uploaded to your account through the Uploads tab can be found here.
  • Videos, Images, and Audio: Provide a wide variety of stock media that can be added to the project. You can use the search box on the top to find the desired media with keywords.
  • Text: Preformatted text effect that can be added to the project.
  • Background: Animated or solid color backgrounds.
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Media, texts, and backgrounds can be added to a project in two ways:

  1. Drag the desired item to the timeline.
  2. Click the Plus icon on the media.
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Remove Media from the Project bin

Select the media from the track and click Delete to delete it from the track before removing it from the Project Bin.
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Right-click the media in the Project Bin and select Unshare to remove it from the Project Bin.

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Edit Clips in the Storyboard mode

To open the clip editor and access the Transform, Crop, Volume, Animation, and Speed tabs, select the Edit option from the menu while the clip is selected.

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To trim a clip, click on the clip and select the Trim option in the menu to launch the trim tool.

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Drag the handles on either side of the clip to adjust the duration. Click the Trim button in the popup to finalize your changes.

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To split a clip, adjust the playhead's position to the point where you want to split the clip and select the scissors icon.

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To remove a clip from the track, click on the clip and select the Delete option or press the delete key while the clip is highlighted.

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Add transitions in the Storyboard mode

Select a clip to which you want to add transitions and click the plus icon on the right or left of the clip.

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Click the transition icon and adjust the transition type and duration. You can also decide whether to apply that style to all the transitions in your video.

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Convert the project into full-featured editor

If you need to add more advanced editing to the project, you can convert the project from Storyboard mode to Full-featured editor and continue editing with the Full-featured editor.

Click the menu icon next to the project title and select the Convert to Full-featured editor option. Please note that you can not convert the project from the Full-featured editor back to the Storyboard mode.

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