What is Co-Teacher Flow?

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Co-Teacher Flow allows teachers to invite other teachers, tech coaches, media librarians, etc. to collaborate with them in the Classroom space. This not only allows educators to save time when creating assignments, reviewing student work, and providing feedback, but also gives educators the ability to easily scaffold instruction across disciplines and create multifaceted assignments. 

How to add another educator to your space:

  1. Click Classes and select the Class that you wish to add someone to.
  2. Click on the People tab, then select Share invite link or code.
  3. Copy and send the Teacher link to the educator that you'd like to have join your space.

Note that you may add up to 10 people to your account. However, be aware that anyone added does count towards the total seat limit of your account.

All educators added will have the same account permissions as the primary account holder, with the exception of deleting classes.

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