What is a project?

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In the project, you can edit your media and export it to your selected destination. Please see more information below.

How to create a project

There are three ways to create a new project:

  • Click the Create button on the Home page.

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  • Click the dropdown icon next to the Create button, and select the project type. There are four types of projects, and you can also change the type after creating the project.

    Screenshot 2024-07-03 102747.png

  • Go to the Projects tab and click Create Project.

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After creating the project, you can click the project title on the top to edit the name for this project.

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Invite collaborators to the project

Click the Invite Collaborators button next to the title to invite collaborators to this project.

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Enter the name, email, or group title of the collaborators. You can also share the link to invite collaborators to join the project.

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Adjust project settings

Click on the menu icon next to the project title to access the menu, and you can adjust the following settings with the menu:

  • New project: Create a new project.
  • Save: save the progress in this project.
  • Make a copy: Create a copy version of this project.
  • Convert to template: Convert this project into a template. Please see this article for more information about templates.
  • Version history: Show the edit history of this project. You can click on a version to restore it.
  • Theme: Switch the editor between light and dark mode.
  • Preferences: Enable or disable the snap clips feature.
  • Help: Open the WeVideo Help Center
  • Edit in full screen: Enter the full screen mode. Click this option again or use the ESC key to exit the full screen mode.

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Import media into a project

Please see this article for more information about importing media into a project.

Edit media in a project

Please see these articles for more information about editing media.

Export the project

Please see this article for more information about exporting the project.

Combine projects

You can combine multiple existing projects into a single project with the steps below.

Select the projects by clicking the check box on the top left of them and click Combine.

Screenshot 2024-07-03 102817.png

Drag and drop the project rows or click the chevron buttons below to order your new project. Once you're ready, click Combine to create a new timeline with your projects in the selected order.

Screenshot 2023-12-04 151301.png


Selected projects are now combined into a new project. All the selected projects will still be available as independent projects on your projects page.

Screenshot 2023-12-04 151322.png

Please see more information about combine project in this video:

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