How can I edit clips in the full-featured editor?

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Add a clip

To add media to your Timeline, simply drag and drop your clips into the appropriate track. You can hold the shift key to multi-select clips and add them simultaneously. This method is used to add any type of media file to the Timeline whether it's an Essentials clip from the Videos, Audio, or Images tab, your own imported media from the My Media tab, or any other clip from the remaining tabs in the Media Library. 

For any visual content such as videos, images, text clips, and transitions, add the content into a Video track. For any audio content such as music files, voiceover recordings, or sound effects, add the content into an Audio track.  


Add transitions

Navigate to the Transitions tab and preview the available options in the preview window to pick your choice. When you find the option you would like to use, drag and drop it onto the beginning or end of the clip you would like it applied to. 


You can also right-click a clip and select Add transition to apply a transition. If the clip is in between two other clips, transitions will be applied to both sides. 


Modify the duration and type of your transition by selecting it to open the transition settings. You can choose to apply the changes to the selected transition or all transitions in your Timeline. 


Remove a clip

To remove a clip from the Timeline, select the trash can icon, or press the delete key while the clip is highlighted. 

Select the trash can icon


Trim a clip

To trim a clip, click on the edge and drag it to shorten the clip's duration. After you trim a clip, you can hold the shift key, click to highlight multiple clips, and right-click to select Close Gaps so that you can eliminate any empty space between clips. 


Close Gaps


You can pre-trim an Audio or Video clip before adding it to the timeline. Right-click the media in the search panel and select "trim".


After selecting the start and end point of your clip, you can preview it before applying the trim. Drag the pre-trimmed clip to your timeline. 


The trimmed version of the media is indicated with the pre-trim icon next to the clip duration.


Split a clip

To split a clip, click on the clip to highlight it and then select the scissors icon. 


Duplicate a clip

You can duplicate a clip by holding the shift key while clicking it and dragging it over. 


Version History

When working on your edit, you can use the undo and redo tools to correct any editing mistakes you may have made. 


If you would instead like to restore an older version of your edit, you can select the menu icon and view your Version history to restore a previous version.



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