How can I edit clips in the Simplified Editor?

Andrew Gelman -

Open the clip editor

To open the clip editor and access the Transform, Crop, Volume, Animation, and Speed tabs, select the “Edit” option from the menu while the clip is selected. 


For more information about the clip editor properties, please refer to the Advanced editing section. 



Remove a clip

To remove a clip in the Simplified editor mode, click on the clip and select the “Delete” option or press the delete key while the clip is highlighted. 



Trim a clip

To trim a clip, click on the clip and select the “Trim” option in the menu. Drag the handles on either side of the clip to adjust the duration. Click the “Trim” button in the popup to finalize your changes.




Split a clip

To split a clip, adjust the position of the playhead to the point where you want to split the clip and  select the scissors icon. 


Once the clip is split, you will notice a new clip and new durations for each split of the clip. 



Version history

To restore an older version of your edit, you can select the menu icon and view your Version history to restore a previous version. 




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