How do I modify role permissions?

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To modify the permission settings for each role in your organization, select the ADMIN icon and navigate to the Settings tab. 




Types of roles

Multi-license organizations have four default roles:

  • Owner - This is the primary owner of the organization that has full administrative access to manage the members, modify role permissions, and change settings in the Global tab. There is only one Owner account per organization. 
  • AdminThis role provides access to the Admin tab to manage the members and modify role permissions.
  • TeacherThis role allows users to create and manage Groups. 
  • Student - This role only allows users to access their media and projects. 

Custom roles

To create a new custom role, right-click an existing role and select "Duplicate" to copy its properties.


Enter the title you would like to use for the new custom role. 


The new custom role will then appear on the left-hand side of the Settings tab alongside the rest of the roles. 



Global settings

The Global settings tab is accessible only to the Owner account. This tab is intended to modify permissions that apply to all users in the organization regardless of their role. 

Predefined domains


  • Select CONFIGURE to modify your Google Sync settings. Please refer here for setup instructions. 
  • Toggle on the "Limit signups" feature and add comma-separated domains to only allow users with the listed domains to join your organization when added via the Invite Code, Registration Link, or CSV import method.
    • With this feature enabled, users will only be allowed into your organization if the domain in their email matches your allowed domain(s). 
    • Ex. format:,,

Essentials library


  • Choose whether to provide access to the "Stock media" tab in the editor so that all users in your organization can view the content in the Essentials library. Please refer here for more information about the Essentials library. 



  • Choose whether to provide access to Admin-created templates for all users in your organization. Please refer here for more information about Templates. 

Gallery settings


  • Choose whether to display the gallery for all users in your organization. Here you can modify the privacy setting, title, and managers of the Gallery. Please refer here for more information about the Gallery. 

Role-specific settings

Users with the Admin role do not have access to the Global settings tab, but they can access role-specific Admin, Teacher, and Student tabs to modify permissions for these roles.  Each role can be modified to have its own custom permissions.  




  • Select the destinations that you would like the selected role to be able to import media from. Each role can have different permissions. Ex) You can allow the Admin role to import from all sources, but you can restrict the Student role to import only from Google Drive.
  • Enable the permissions in this section to allow users with this role to have full access to their media. 



  • Choose whether to allow the selected user to have the ability to create new projects and invite members to them. 
  • "Any group or all members" - This user can create Collaborative Projects and invite any member from their organization into a project. 
  • "Groups they belong to" - This user can create Collaborative Projects, but can only invite members to a project if they are in the Group(s) they belong to. 
  • "N/A (No invitations allowed)" - This user can only create Personal Projects. 



  • Select the destinations you would like this role to have available on the export page upon finishing an edit. 


  • Modify the sharing permissions you would like this role to have for their finished exports. 

"Allow ____ to change the privacy settings on exports" enables access to the "Change privacy" icon. PUBLIC means anyone with the link can access the export (similar to unlisted videos on YouTube) and PRIVATE means the export can only be viewed when signed into the account that created it.


"Allow ____ to share or embed on social networks" enables access to the social media and embed icons. 


"Allow ____ to download finished exports" enables access to the "Download" icon. 



If you have any questions about how to modify the role permissions, please feel free to contact for further clarification. 

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