Can I generate subtitles in WeVideo?

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Subtitle Generator helps WeVideo Classroom users create content with speech to text subtitles automatically. This feature gives you the ability to create videos where dialogue can be both viewed and listened to. Subtitle Generator allows for WeVideo to continue to extend the power of digital communication through different formats across the user base. 


How to Create Subtitles in WeVideo

1. Create a Project through the WeVideo Classroom platform. Once the video is finalized, click Export on the right hand corner of the editor.


2. Once you arrive on the Export page and your video has finished processing, click Manage subtitles.


3. On the left side of the screen, click on the blue Autogenerate Subtitles button.


4. Wait for the subtitles to process. The processing time will depend on the video time. You can go back to the editor and work on other videos as it continues to process. 


You will be notified once the process is complete with this note: 


5. To edit subtitles, click on the completion pop-out link noting Manage Subtitles. From there, you can go directly into each time stamp to adjust text, if needed. 


6. To show or hide subtitles in a product, click the “Show/Hide Subtitles” button on the right side of the video.


7. Once you feel confident regarding the subtitles and video content, choose the appropriate format to export content. Exporting can be done either as a Download directly to the computer or a Save to Google Drive. For each option, you can choose to download or save Video (which includes audio), Audio or Subtitle File (.vtt). If you would like subtitles on your video, download/save the video and download the Subtitle file separately in two, unique clicks for each. 


8. Upload your video file and subtitle file into the viewing medium of your choice. Options include: Google Drive (under Upload Captions), YouTube ( under Upload a File), PlayPosit and  Canvas. Once uploaded, educators can view final products through these channels. 



1. Can I generate subtitles in WeVideo Classroom for Assignments? And WeVideo Classic? 

Currently, Subtitle Generator is only available in the Classroom space for Projects exports. However, more to come regarding future product expansion updates! 


2. What is a .vtt file? 

.Vtt stands for Video Text Track. One of the most common ways to subtitle videos, it is a text file that saves data and information about the video. Typically, these text files appear in the format below. Any deletions or additions would need to account for the timing, the formatting and the spacing used. 




3. What happens if I am collaborating on a project where there are subtitles? What can my collaborators do with the subtitles? 

Only one collaborator can edit subtitles at one time since subtitles can be added once a video is finalized and in the process of being exported. If a project is collaborative and one collaborator adds subtitles to the export, all other collaborators can view subtitles and download and save the subtitle .vtt file. All collaborators can view subtitles from their exports, but collaborators cannot manage subtitles together in real time. 


4. What languages does the Subtitle Generator support at this time? 

Currently, the feature only supports generating English speaking subtitles. 


5. Does the subtitle generator also create closed captions? If not, where do I create closed captions? 

While Subtitle Generator greatly improves accessibility across WeVideo-created content through speech to text automation, the feature does not automatically generate closed captions on its own at this time (i.e. captioning non-speech sounds in a video such as music or a knock on the door). However, closed captions can be manually added in application through the editing section or modified in an outputted .vtt file. To manually edit the .vtt file, a text editor is needed. Please note that time stamps can be adjusted in the .vtt file and cannot be adjusted in the in-product subtitle editor. 


 For more information around our commitment to accessibility across all facets of our product, please visit our website here.

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