How do I adjust the size, speed, and position of a clip?

Brandon -

To adjust the size, position, and speed of your clip, double-click the clip in your Timeline to open the clip editor. In the clip editor, navigate to the Transform, Crop, or Speed tab to make your adjustments.




To adjust the size of your clip, modify the Scale value using the scroll bar or manually input a size. The arrow icon will reset the value of any property you adjust.


You can also manually drag the corners of the clip to resize the scale. 



To adjust the position of your clip, input new X and Y coordinates or manually reposition the clip in the preview window.



Rotate and flip

You can use the Rotate and Flip tools to adjust your clip. When you rotate a clip, it will turn 90 degrees in the direction you select. When you flip a clip, it will invert its position. 




To crop your clip, adjust the horizontal and vertical scroll bars or manually resize in the preview window. 


After you crop your clip, you can use the Fit tools in the Transform tab to reposition your cropped clip. 


If your cropped clip has black bars on the sides, you can enable the Blurred background feature to place a blurred copy behind your clip to fill the frame. 



  1. Speed Value - Increase the value (1x to 10x) to speed up the clip or decrease the value (-1x to -10x) to slow the clip down in whole number increments. 
  2. Range - The two icons on the scroll bar indicate when during the video the speed modification occurs. This can be adjusted to apply the speed modification to a specific point in the video. 
  3. New Duration - The original time is the duration of the clip with no speed modification, whereas the new length indicates the updated duration of the clip after the speed modification. The higher the value of the speed, the shorter the new length of the clip, whereas the lower the value of the speed, the longer the new length of the clip.  
  4. Ease in/out - Enable this feature to apply a 1-second gradual application of the speed modification. 




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