How do I manage my media?

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The Media tab is where you can conveniently view and manage all images, videos and audio files that you import into your account.



At the top right of the Media tab, the following icons allow you to organize your files: 


  1. Import - add new media
  2. New folder - create a new folder (*Note: you can create sub-folders within folders)
  3. Sort - sort your files by name, date created, size or duration
  4. Filter - filter your files by videos, images, audio or view all
  5. List/grid view - toggle between the list and grid view
  6. Search media bar - find media files by their name


Right-click on any media file to modify it. You can also hold the shift+ (ctrl or cmd) key to multi-select media in bulk. 


  1. Open media - navigate to the media file to view its details 
  2. Download - save the media file to your computer
  3. Move - move your media file into an existing or new folder 
  4. Share to project - share your media file to an existing project
  5. Rename - modify the name of your media file
  6. Delete - remove the media file from your account


Shared media

With a multi-license subscription such as the Business plan or WeVideo for Schools plan, you can share media files with other users in your organization if this feature is enabled in the permission settings. 

  • My media - all of the media that you import into your account
  • Shared with everyone - shared media files accessible to all users in your organization


To share media with other users in your multi-license organization, simply right-click the file or folder and select Share with everyone



For information on how to import media into your account, please refer to "How do I import my own media?"


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