How do I finish and download my export?

Brandon -

Step 1) Click FINISH in the editor

Once you've completed the finishing touches for your edit and are ready to share your creation, select the FINISH icon at the top right of the editor to continue to the export page.  


2-hour limit

Please keep in mind that videos cannot be longer than 2 hours. This applies to all accounts regardless of which plan you're on. This limit is in place due to the processing and cloud storage aspect of the WeVideo platform. There is currently no workaround for this limitation.   


Step 2) Choose a thumbnail

On the export page, you can choose a thumbnail from three different options. The options displayed depend on where the blue playhead is located on your timeline at the time of the last save. 


*Note - You can change the thumbnail of your export at any time even after it has been exported. Select Change thumbnail on the share page and drag the slider to choose a new thumbnail. 




Step 3) Set your export preferences

The next step is to set the title, format, and resolution for your export. By default, your export format will be set to Video. However, you can export any video in the Audio only or GIF format by selecting that option here to automatically convert the format. The resolution options available depend on the plan your account is currently on.

If you are not sure which plan you are currently on, please refer to this page for details about the max video resolution available with each plan to clarify your options.   



Step 4) Choose your destinations

After setting your export preferences, choose the destinations you would like to export to. To publish to an external site such as Google Drive or YouTube, simply select the icon for that destination and sign in to that account. Once connected, the icon will highlight blue and your export will automatically publish to the selected destinations after you select EXPORT. 


You can also sign in to external destinations in advance by navigating to the Connected apps section of the Account settings page. 


Regardless of whether you choose additional destinations, all exports can be found in the Exports tab of your account. 



Step 5) Download your export

To download your export to your computer, click on your export in the Exports tab to open the share page and select the Download icon. All exports will be downloaded in the .MP4 (video), .MP3 (audio), or .GIF (GIF) format.



Free WeVideo accounts include a watermark in all exports. To remove this watermark, you will need to upgrade your account. If you have any questions about the export process, please feel free to contact our support team at for further assistance. 

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