How do I create a video on an iPad?

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Step 1: Sign in to the app

Begin by downloading the WeVideo app from the iOS App Store. Once you finish installing the app, sign in to start creating. 


Step 2: Create a new video

After you sign in to your account, tap the blue plus Image_from_iOS__13__copy.png icon at the bottom of the screen to create a new video. AFF41FC2-F59D-4A7C-9361-0A34226BB95D.png

Step 3: Choose your media

When you create a new video, you will be prompted to choose the media clips. After you make your selections, tap Create to begin editing. 


You can add more media to your video at any time during the editing process. Simply tap the Media icon in the timeline, choose the media you wish to add, and then tap Add to add the media to your video. 


If you would like to delete a media clip from your video, select a clip in the timeline and tap the Delete icon. 


Step 4: Add text

To add text to your video, tap the Text icon and choose a style for your text. After selecting a style, tap the down arrow to return to the text editor.  



In the text editor, you can customize the color, font, alignment, and style of your text. To exit the text editor, simply tap anywhere in the timeline. To go back into the text editor, you can tap the text clip in the timeline at any time. 


Select the color of your text and text background by side-scrolling through the color choices available. 





Choose from a wide variety of different fonts, each with a preview of how they look conveniently displayed as you scroll through them all. 




Whether you prefer to align your text to the center, bottom or to the right, you can adjust your text to the alignment that best fits your needs. You can also use the pinch-to-zoom gesture to freely rotate the text. Please note that you can only adjust the alignment of Static Text.  



Position and size

To resize your text, simply pinch to zoom with two fingers. To move the text, press and hold it in the preview window and drag it to a new position. 




Step 5: Insert audio

Tap the Music icon to insert audio from the stock library or your device. Select an audio file and tap Add to insert it into the timeline as background music.




To modify the volume, split the clip, or delete the clip, tap the audio clip in the timeline and make adjustments. 




You can use the Voiceover tool to record a voiceover. Tap the Pause icon if you need a break while recording or tap Stop when you’re finished. After you finish, select the back arrow to use your recording and return to the timeline, or tap Record again to discard the recording and try again. 





Step 6: Share your video

When you’re finished editing your video, tap the share icon at the top right of the screen and select the video quality that you want to export in. Once the export process is complete, you can save your video to your device, post it to social media, or tap More to share it with your friends using Messages, Mail, Airdrop, and more! 





Advanced tips & tricks

There are so many ways to get creative with WeVideo. Here are some exciting features you can use in the app if you’re interested in advanced editing. 

Media uploader

You can use the Media uploader to upload media from your mobile device to WeVideo’s secure cloud. This allows you to access media from the WeVideo cloud on your computer so that you can edit your clips on the web browser version of WeVideo. 



When you add more than one clip into the timeline, a transition will automatically be applied in between your clips. You can tap on this transition and scroll through the options available to modify the style of its effect. 



Reorder Mode

When you press and hold a clip in the timeline, you enter reorder mode and have the ability to move clips around in any order. You can also tap Delete to delete clips from the timeline when in reorder mode. 




To adjust the speed of your video clip, select your clip in the timeline and tap the Speed icon. Here you can drag the scroll bar to the left to apply the slow motion effect or to the right to speed up your clip. Keep in mind if you speed up your clip, its duration will decrease, and if you slow it down, its duration will increase. 




To adjust the volume of your video clip, select your clip in the timeline and tap the Volume icon. Here you can drag the scroll bar to modify the volume level of that particular clip. 




You can use the Split tool to split any image or video clip into two separate clips. Select your clip in the timeline that you would like to split and tap the Split icon to separate it into two clips at the location of the blue playhead.  



Fit & Fill

If your image or video does not take up the whole frame, you can select your clip in the timeline and tap the Fit & Fill icon to make adjustments. Use the Fit tool to reset the position and size of your clip to be completely in the frame, which may include the bars on the sides. You can enable Background blur if you do not want to have black bars on the sides. Use the Fill tool to zoom into your clip until it fills the whole frame and there are no bars on the sides. 






When you select a clip in the timeline, you can tap Transform to modify the position and size of your clip. Use pinch to zoom to interact with your clip in the preview so that you can drag to resize it or move it around. You can also use the Flip and Rotate tools to modify the position of your clip. 





Tap the Filter icon in the timeline to change the appearance of your image or video clip. The various filters available can be applied to alter the color, brightness, and contrast of your clip. If you press and hold the preview, you can see the comparison of your clip with and without the filter applied to highlight the differences. 



Pan & Zoom

To apply an automatic pan & zoom effect, select a clip in the timeline and tap the Pan & Zoom icon to continue. With Start frame highlighted, pinch and move your clip in the preview to adjust the start frame for where you would like the animation to begin. After making your adjustments, tap End frame and make similar adjustments for where you would like the animation to end. Once you make your adjustments, the animation will be applied and your clip will automatically pan and zoom from the start frame to the end frame. 




Green screen

To create the green screen effect with your clip, tap the Green screen icon in the timeline to open the color keying tool. Then, tap and hold a point in the preview to select the color to remove. Once the color is selected, you have the option to modify the balance and defringe. However, the tool should automatically select the ideal settings, so it is not necessary to make any further adjustments. The final step is to choose a clip to fill the removed color and create the green screen effect. 





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