Can I edit my video on mobile and in the web editor?

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Yes. You can begin a project on the WeVideo mobile app and then copy it to our web editor for further customization. This allows for the best of both worlds: the creativity flexibility that comes with mobile, and the powerful, detail-oriented editing tools available via desktop.

Note: This feature is available to all paid subscribers with an iOS device. See pricing plans here

How to copy a project from mobile to web

1. Select your project


Choose a pre-existing project from your home screen, or tap the (+) icon to start a new project.

2. Tap Copy to web


Tap the three stacked dots on your project's thumbnail, then tap Copy to web. Choose the web editor folder that you want to transfer your project to. Tap Copy in the top right corner.

3. Open in the web editor


Your project will appear in the Recents section on your desktop homepage. Click on it to open and begin editing!


1. When I edit my project in the web editor, does the mobile version also change?

No. As soon as you copy your mobile project to the web editor, it exists separately. Any changes made to the web copy will not affect the mobile version, and vice-versa. 

2. What happens if a mobile asset or feature isn’t available in the web editor?

Some mobile assets or features don’t match those available in the web editor. Overlay effects and stickers will not copy over and will be removed from the video file where they were placed.

Additionally, some motion titles are different between web and mobile. When your project is copied, the motion tiles will remain, but the text output will be static. To correct this, substitute a mobile motion tile with one from the web editor.

3. Can I copy a web project to mobile?

Not at this time, but stay tuned! We hope to make this functionality available soon.

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