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Install WeVideo in Schoology

Step 1) Contact the WeVideo support team

To begin the setup process, please contact our support team at and provide the email associated with your WeVideo for Schools Plan subscription so that we can provide the keys required to add the WeVideo app in Schoology. 


Step 2) Install LTI App

Using your Schoology system admin account, navigate to this page and select "Install LTI App" to add the WeVideo app in Schoology. 


Select the "Add to Organization" option in the pop-up window that appears. 



Step 3) Configure the WeVideo App

Once you've added the WeVideo app to your organization, you should be directed to a list of your organization's apps. Click the "Configure" button to add the Consumer Key and Shared Secret provided by our support team in Step 1. 




Add WeVideo to a course

Once the WeVideo app has been successfully installed and configured for your organization, the next step is to open the course you would like to add WeVideo to. On the bottom left corner of your course, click "Install Your App(s)" and select WeVideo. 




Launch WeVideo

Now that WeVideo is available in the course menu, the "Launch App" icon in the WeVideo tab will function as a single sign-on (SSO). Any users in your Schoology instance that access this WeVideo tab will automatically be assigned a license in your WeVideo organization upon launching the app. Students and teachers will be able to utilize the WeVideo interface within the pop-up window that is launched.

*Note - Any users with existing WeVideo accounts will be directed to their WeVideo account if the emails match. If their Schoology account email does not match the Google email or username used in WeVideo, a new account will be created upon logging in. 

Teacher view


Student view



Create a new assignment for WeVideo

To create a new assignment, select "Add Assignment" in the Materials tab. 


After you enter the necessary assignment details, please ensure that you select a valid future due date and enable submissions under options. If the assignment does not meet these requirements, students will not be able to select it as a destination option in Schoology when exporting their video. 




How do students submit their assignments to Schoology?

When students are ready to export their video, they can select FINISH to navigate to the export page.


On the export page, there will be a “Schoology” destination that will allow them to choose an assignment via the dropdown menu to submit the finished export to. 



If there is no available assignment for students to select, it is most likely because of one of the following reasons: 

  • The student(s) did not access WeVideo via the Schoology SSO. To be able to submit an assignment to Schoology, students will need to access their account by selecting the WeVideo tab in Schoology. 
  • The assignment was not properly created using the required settings mentioned above. Please double-check to ensure the correct settings were selected when creating the assignment. 


How do teachers review submitted assignments in Schoology?

After students submit their assignments, teachers can navigate to the Materials tab to view the submissions in the "Submissions" section of the assignment. 


Once a submission is selected, the export can be reviewed on this page. 



Can teachers create classes in WeVideo Next-Gen when launching from Schoology?

When launching WeVideo from Schoology, teachers can switch to the Next-Gen environment and create Classes in it to use WeVideo as an independent tool. Please note that the classes created in WeVideo are not connected with the Schoology course. Therefore, the scores will not be synced to Schoology, learners will need to join the class from WeVideo Next-Gen, and the leaner groups set in WeVideo will not be reflected in Schoology. 

Screenshot 2024-03-18 113229.png

To switch to the Next-Gen environment, click the drop-down menu at the top and select Next-Gen. Then, follow the steps in this article to create classes in WeVideo Next-Gen.


If you have any questions about configuring the Schoology integration or creating assignments, please contact for further assistance.

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