How Do I Create Assignment Teams?

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In WeVideo Classroom, you can assign teams for video creation assignments to more fully structure and organize the learning experience. Assigning teams can be done both manually or automated, giving flexibility to the educator. 


Manually Creating Teams in Assignments 

1. Click to create an assignment on your WeVideo dashboard. Fill out Name, Description and Product Type. 


2. Under the Participation heading, click Team. Adjust to the number of teams that you would like with the up and down arrows. 


3. To customize the team assignments, click the hyperlinked Assign teams


4. You will then be brought to a separate page, where you can add more teams with the + icon at the bottom of the screen or delete teams by clicking on the X per team line. 


5. To add students to the teams, click on the team you would like to fill. You can then add the student's name in different ways, such as clicking their name if you see it in the options, sorting for their name based on where it is in the alphabet, or searching for their name directly.


When searching for a name, you will be notified if the student has or has not been assigned to a team. 


6. Once assigned teams are completed, click Save.  


7. Complete the remainder of the Assignment, save as you go, and publish to your students when ready. The number of teams on the original page will be uneditable when you go to publish since teams were already assigned.


Randomly Assigning Teams

1. Follow steps 1-3 above in creating an assignment and and arriving at the Editing Teams page. 


2. Click on Auto Assign based on the number of teams and students attached to a class. That will randomly assign students to each team created. 


3. If you are unhappy with the teams randomly assigned, click Shuffle and the teams will be reassigned.


Mixing Pre-Assigned Teams with Student Choice

1. Educators can pre-assign some students, such as team leads, to a team and then allow students to choose. Educators can follow the same process to manually assign teams noted above.


2. Once the manual team assignment and the overall assignment prompt is complete, saved and clicked to publish, educators will be notified that there are  students not assigned and will give permission to students remaining to choose their own team.



What the Student Sees Once Assigning Teams

Once a student is assigned a team, a pop up in the assignment will appear that they have been assigned to a team. They can click Join to enter the team. 



In the editor, the rest of their team members will appear at the top of the page. 






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