How Do I Adjust The Export Settings When Completing A Video?

Jason Liu -

When exporting the project from the Classroom environment, users can select to publish the project as a video, podcast, or gif image. They can also adjust the published project's resolution, frame rate, and visual quality during the exporting process.

Please see more information about export settings in this video:

Please follow the steps below to adjust the publishing options and export the project from the classroom environment.

  1. Click Export on the top right of the screen.


  2. An export options tab will slide out from the right. On this tab, users can adjust the following options:
    • Title: Rename the exported project.
    • Export as:
      • Video: Export the whole project into a video file in MP4 format.
      • Podcast: Export the audio part of the project into an audio file in MP3 format.
      • GIF: Export the project into a short and looping image in GIF format without audio. This option will not be available if the project is longer than 45 seconds.
    • Resolution: Select the desired resolution for the exported project, such as Standard Definition or HD (for social media).


  3. There are also some advanced settings that users can adjust. Click the Advanced settings to expand the menu.


  4. Users can adjust the following advanced settings for the project:
    • Frame rate: Adjust the frame rate per second for the export project. Frame rates include: 24, 25, 30, and 60 fps. A higher frame rate can create a smoother viewing experience but will increase the processing time.
    • Visual quality: Adjust the visual quality between low, normal, and high.
  5. Users can also export the project directly to the selected destinations. Use the checkbox to select the connected destinations, or click Connect to add a new destinations.

    Screenshot 2023-09-26 145140.png

  6. After configuring the settings, click Export on the lower right of the screen to export the project with the selected settings.


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