What is Invitation Collaboration?

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Invitation Collaboration allows for users in WeVideo Multimedia Creation to invite others to collaborate on their respective projects. This change allows for more creator flexibility: instead of only inviting collaborators in the beginning of the creation process, creators can now invite thought partners anytime during their content journey. To collaborate, users must be on the same WeVideo school account as those they would like to collaborate with. 


How To Use Invitation Collaboration: 


1. Click on the add collaborator button on the top of a project workspace. The button is a circle with a figure of a person and a plus sign.




2. Invite members to collaborate: Once the collaborator button is clicked, a pop out with a sharable link will appear on the screen. Click to copy the link. 




3. Paste the copied link to wherever you are communicating with your collaborator (email, text message, etc). Click Done.


4. Send the link to the collaborator. 


5. Once the collaborator opens the link through opening their WeVideo account, they will appear as a member on the members list. Collaborators can export the project, invite other collaborators, duplicate the project and edit within the project. Collaborators cannot delete the project and remove other collaborators


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