What is Media Uploader to Multimedia Creation?

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The new Media Uploader allows for students using the Multimedia Creation space to upload media from a mobile device or tablet to an assignment using WeVideo’s mobile application. 

Uploads can be made on any mobile device or tablet that supports iOS 13 and Android 6 and above. Currently, only students can upload media to class assignments. This new feature will support the further connection between capturing and editing content on WeVideo’s education platforms, no additional systems or steps needed!


How to Use Media Uploader to Multimedia Creation Space 

1. Click on the "Media Uploader" prompt in your mobile account.


2. Choose media that you would like to upload for a project.


3. Confirm that you are in your Classroom account (if you have more than one account).


4. Select the Assignment or Project you would like to upload your media to. Tap "Upload".


5. Confirm that your upload is completed. 


6. Once uploaded, you will see content appear as an option for media to include in the assignment in your WeVideo account. 



Now you are ready to create your next assignment or project using all of your video creation tools! 

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