How do I Switch from the Classic editor to the New editor?

Zev -

On 8/4/2022, we introduced an update to our editor to improve both functionality and performance. 

If you were an active WeVideo user prior to 8/4/2022, you have the ability to switch between our Classic and New WeVideo editors. This option is available for non-education users until 11/1/2022 and for education users until 12/21/2022. After these periods, respective users will be required to use the New editor.

To switch to the New editor:


  1. Click the Try it button on the top announcement banner.
  2. Give it a whirl!

Note for educators: Students will NOT see the announcement banner in the Personal space. They can switch to the updated editor via the hamburger menu (see below).

To switch back to the Classic editor:


  1. Click the hamburger menu (three stacked lines) on the top toolbar. 
  2. Select Editor experience > Classic editor.
  3. Give us your quick two cents on why you’re switching back (so that we can keep fine-tuning the new experience).
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