How do I manage members?

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After you've added members into your organization, you can view and manage member accounts in the Admin --> Members tab to assign new roles and delete members. 


When you select member accounts on this page, icons will appear on the action bar that you can use to manage members. 



To filter the members shown on the Members page, you can select the Filter icon to apply one or more filters such as Name, Email, Group name, Joined date, Last active date, Storage used, and Role. 



In the example below, "is" refers to an exact search for the name "Brandon", whereas "contains" refers to a search for members with "Brandon" in their full name. 



To sort the members shown on the Members page, you can select the Sort icon to sort in ascending or descending order by Name, Email, Joined date, Last active date, Storage used, or Role. 


User profile page

To view the user profile of a member, select their account and click View details. You can also double-click on a user to navigate to their user profile page. 


On the user profile page, you can view details associated with this account such as their role, email, last login date, which Group(s) they currently belong to, and account activity. From this page, you can assign the member to a Group or change their role. 

To view and access all of the in-progress projects and exported videos created by this account, simply double-click into a project or video. 


Assign new role

To assign a new role for a member, select their account and click Assign role


When you see the "Change Role" pop-up window appear, choose the role you would like to assign the selected member and click SAVE.


Their role will update accordingly, as shown below. 


Delete member

To remove or delete a member from your account, select their account and click Delete.


The "Delete members" pop-up window will prompt you to choose whether you would like to permanently delete the selected member(s) and their account or delete them from your organization to convert their account into a personal free account.  


Permanently delete

When you select to permanently delete members, all of the media and projects associated with their accounts will be deleted.

If you select "Keep a copy of videos exported by member(s).", it will save their exports to your account prior to permanent deletion. You can also choose to clear all personal identifiable information from the member's account. 


Convert to free

When you select to delete and convert to free, the selected members will be removed from your organization and converted into personal free accounts that contain all of their media and projects. If you select "Keep a copy of videos exported by member(s).", it will save their exports to your account upon removal in addition to retaining all of their exports on their account. 
*Please note that if a member of an educational plan is converted to free, all WeVideo "Classroom" content will be severed and cannot be restored. Free accounts do not offer Classroom features.

If you are on the WeVideo for Schools Plan, please keep in mind that personal free accounts are no longer affiliated with your subscription and are not FERPA/COPPA compliant. 



To bulk-assign new roles or bulk-delete members, simply select the checkboxes next to the members you wish to modify, and then select Assign role or Delete to make the bulk-changes. 


You can also select the checkbox at the top left to bulk-select all members on that page.


Bulk-assign roles

Once you select members, click Assign role and choose the new role you would like to assign for the selected members. 


Bulk-delete members

Once you select members, click Delete and choose whether to permanently delete the selected members or convert them to free accounts. 


If you need to delete more than the 60 members that appear per page, you can use the Filter tool to display a specific set of members so that when you select Delete, you will be prompted to choose whether to delete the selected members on the page or all members in the search or filter results


For example, if you need to bulk-delete all of the recently graduated 8th graders from your middle school, you can Filter by your "8th Grade" group and select all 169 of these students at once to permanently delete their accounts or convert all of them to free. 


Download members

When you filter and bulk-select members, you can download a CSV file of these members. 


You can choose between downloading a CSV file of only the selected members, all members that appear in the filtered search, or all of the members in your organization. 



If you have any questions about managing members, please feel free to contact for further assistance. 

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