How do I manage my brand?

Brandon -

Your brand is the personalized touch that can be added to all of your creative content. With the company branding tools, you can include a logo watermark in your exports and maintain consistency with the colors and font used in motion titles. 


Step 1) Access the branding tools

From the Home tab, select MANAGE BRAND to navigate to the company branding tools. You may notice that the Professional Plan and Business Plan have a slightly different look to the company branding tools page, but the functionality is the exact same. 

If you're on a Professional Plan, you will be directed to your Account settings page. 



If you're on a Business Plan, you will be directed to the Admin --> Settings tab. 



Step 2) Configure your logo watermark settings

Select UPLOAD LOGO and choose a high-resolution JPG, TIFF, or PNG image from your computer. 


Once you have uploaded your image, you can set the default settings for your logo watermark. 

  1. Alignment - move your logo to a different corner
  2. Opacity - modify the transparency of your logo
  3. Size - change the size of your logo
  4. Example preview - preview your logo on two different color styles
  5. Enable/disable the setting for adding your watermark to all new video edits. 



Step 3) Set your brand colors and font

To set your brand colors, input HEX values into the primary and secondary color boxes or choose from the color picker tool. 

*****Possible BUG


To set your brand fonts, choose the font type for your primary, secondary, and tertiary font types. 


Step 4) Use your brand in the editor

To add your logo watermark, add a new track and choose Watermark as the type. Your logo watermark will then be added as an additional track in the Timeline. 



If you double-click on your watermark track, you can modify your watermark properties within the editor. 


To apply your brand colors and fonts to a motion title, open the clip editor and select from your BRAND COLORS and BRAND FONTS. 



If you have any questions about managing your brand, please feel free to contact our support team at

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