What is a Project?

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A project is a convenient way to organize all of the edits you create in your account. To create a new project, navigate to the Projects tab and select Create new project icon. 


Project types

For users on personal subscriptions, all projects will have the Personal project type. If you have a multi-license subscription, such as the Business Plan or WeVideo for Schools Plan, there are three different project types to choose from. 



  • Ideal for creating solo edits on your own without any collaboration tools. 


  • Members can view and access all edits in the project to work together and hand off editing tasks.
  • Each member has access to the shared media in the Project media tab. 


  • Members can only access their own edits. Edits made by other members are not visible. 
  • The creator of the project can view and access all edits made by the members of the project.
  • Each member has access to the shared media in the Project media tab. 


The Project settings icon can be selected to convert a Personal Project to a Collaborative Project or to convert a Collaborative Project to a Shared Project. However, a Shared Project cannot be converted back to a Collaborative or Personal Project. 


Project Layout


  • Edits - The Edits tab contains the in-progress edits that all members of the project are still currently working on. 
  • Exports - The Exports tab contains the finished edits that members of the project have already completed and exported. 
  • Project media - The Project media tab contains shared media accessible to all members of the project. 
  • Linked resources - The Linked resources tab contains any Google Drive files linked to the project as supplemental instructions or details for members to view. 
  • Members - The Members tab includes a list of all members currently in the project. 


Add project media

All projects have a Project media tab that you can utilize to add media to the project. This can be a helpful tool when you'd like to work with specific media clips in your project. It is especially useful for Collaborative and Shared Projects if you want to provide shared media for all members of the project to access. 

To add shared media, navigate to the Project media tab and select the Share media icon, then choose the media you would like to share with the project. 



Media added to the Project media tab will then be accessible from within the editor by any member of the project. 


Manage project members

Add members

To add members to your project, select the Add members icon and choose the method you'd like to use.

If your organization has less than 50 members, you'll have the option to add all members to a project. If your organization has 50 members or more, you'll only see the options to select members and invite them with a link. 


To select members to add to your project, choose Select members/groups and select who you would like to add. You can choose to invite individual members or all members of specific groups. 



To invite with the link, copy and paste the invite link and share it with members of your organization. Note: This invite link will not work if the member you are trying to add is outside of your organization. For information on adding members to your organization, please visit this page


Remove members

To remove members from a project, you must first navigate to the Members tab to view existing members. In this tab, hold the shift key and select who you would like to remove, then click on the Delete member(s) icon to remove them. 


Combine edits

In any project, you can merge edits together into one combined edit. To combine edits, hold the shift key and select the edits you'd like to merge together. 


Once you've chosen the edits you would like to merge and selected Combine edits, next you must choose the order of the combined sequence. 


A new combined edit will be created with the merged content from all of your selected edits. 


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