How do I adjust the volume of a clip?

Brandon -

Track audio level

To adjust the audio level of an entire track, drag the scroll bar to the left to decrease audio levels or to the right to increase audio levels. 


By default, the audio of a track is set to 100%, but you can boost the audio of a track to higher levels. 


Clip audio level

To adjust the audio level of a clip, double-click the clip in the Timeline to open the clip editor and navigate to the Volume tab. Here you can use the scroll bar to adjust the audio level. You can also boost the audio level of a clip beyond 100%. 

You can use the Fade In and Fade Out tools to gradually increase and decrease the volume at the start and end of your clip. 


Fade in and out

For added customizability when fading the audio levels in and out, click the Audio option at the top of the timeline. A volume pop-up window will appear that you can modify to adjust the audio levels for that clip.


You can also select the blue band at any point to create an adjustable keyframe to modify the volume level at that point in the clip. Double-click on the keyframe to remove it from the blue band at any point.


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