What are linked resources?

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When working on a project, it is often helpful to reference external resources such as detailed outlines, assignment tips, or supplement instructions. Using the linked resources feature, you can attach docs, sheets, and slides from your Google Drive directly to your project so they are accessible within the WeVideo interface. 



How to link a resource

Step 1) Navigate to the Projects tab and open a project that you would like to link a resource to. 


Step 2) Select "LINK A RESOURCE" in the "Linked resources" tab of the project. 


Step 3) Sign in to your Google account to allow WeVideo access and then choose the file(s) you would like to link to the project as resources. A project can have up to 10 linked resources at a time. 


Once you have selected the files you would liked to add as linked resources, they will appear in the "Linked resources" tab. All project members can select "Link a resource" to link additional resources at any time.



How to access linked resources

Linked resources that are associated with a project can be accessed by any member of the project by navigating to the "Linked resources" tab.


In addition to this tab, project members can access linked resources from within the editor by selecting the LINKED RESOURCES icon. 


Project members can view and interact with any linked resources according to the permission settings of the files shared. With proper access rights granted to their accounts in Google Drive for those particular files, project members can directly edit the linked resources within WeVideo. 


To exit the linked resources page, project members can select the back arrow to return to the editor or right-click the file to open it in Google Docs/Sheets/Slides in a new tab. 



How to remove a linked resource

Step 1) Hover over the thumbnail for the linked resource and select the 3-dot menu icon.


Step 2) Choose "Remove link" to unlink the resource. 


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