How do I integrate Canvas?

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Step 1) Generate developer keys

To generate developer keys for your Canvas instance, navigate to the Admin page and select the "Developer Keys" tab. 


Add API Key

Select "Add Developer Key" and click "Add API Key" and input the following information: 


If you wish to enforce scopes, WeVideo requires the following scopes for functionality:

  • url:GET|/api/v1/courses/:id

  • url:GET|/api/v1/users/:user_id/courses/:course_id/assignments

  • url:POST|/api/v1/courses/:course_id/assignments/:assignment_id/submissions


For more information about generating developer keys in Canvas, please refer to this article


Step 2) Contact the WeVideo support team

After you've generated the developer keys for your Canvas instance, please contact the WeVideo support team at and provide the following information:

  1. Generated ID
  2. Developer key (hover over "Key" to display this information)
  3. URL to your Canvas instance
  4. Email associated with your WeVideo for Schools Plan subscription


Once our support team has the generated ID, developer key, and URL to your Canvas instance, they will be able to provide the keys required to add WeVideo to a course. 


Step 3) Add WeVideo to a course

To add WeVideo to a course, navigate to the "External Apps" section of the Admin Settings tab and select the "+ App" icon. 


In the Add App pop-up window, input the following information and select Submit: 

  • Configuration Type: By URL
  • Name: WeVideo
  • Consumer Key: (provided by the support team in Step 2)
  • Shared Secret(provided by the support team in Step 2)
  • Config URL:

For more information about adding a course in Canvas, please refer to this article


Once this step is complete, you will see a WeVideo tab in your course that functions as a single sign-on (SSO). Any users in your Canvas instance that access this WeVideo tab will automatically be assigned a license in your WeVideo organization. Students and teachers will be able to utilize the WeVideo interface within the course in Canvas. 

*Note - Any users with existing WeVideo accounts will be directed to their WeVideo account if the emails match. If their Canvas account email does not match the Google email or username used in WeVideo, a new account will be created upon logging in. 



Step 4) Create an assignment

To create a new assignment, select the "+ Assignment" icon in the Assignments tab of your course. 


When filling out the assignment details, it's important to ensure the following required settings are applied:

  • Submission Type: Online
  • Online Entry Options: Website URL
  • Due: (must be a valid future due date)
  • Available from: (must be a valid date)
  • Until: (must be a valid future due date)



Once an assignment is successfully created in Canvas, it can be selected as a destination on the WeVideo export page. To submit an export to an assignment, students can simply click on the Canvas logo under "Destinations" and choose the assignment to submit to. 


If there is no available assignment for students to select, it is most likely because of one of the following reasons: 

  • The student(s) did not access WeVideo via the Canvas SSO. To be able to submit an assignment to Canvas, students will need to access their account by selecting the WeVideo tab in Canvas. 
  • The assignment was not properly created using the required settings mentioned above. Please double-check to ensure the correct settings were selected when creating the assignment. 


If you have any questions about configuring the Canvas integration or creating assignments, please contact for further assistance.

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