How do I create a data archive?

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To create a data archive:

1. Select Account settings in the Home tab.


2. Expand the Manage personal data section. 


3. Select Create archive to continue.

Optional - select or check Also include copies of any videos created by me to include exports in your data archive.Screen_Shot_2021-03-23_at_2.10.07_PM.png


4. Select Continue to confirm that you want to download the data archive.



After you complete these steps, you'll receive an email when the report is ready to download. Your data archive will display its download progress until it is finished. 



Keep in mind:

  • This report contains a summary of the telemetric data collected from your usage and the analytical services in which your data was processed.
  • This process may take up to a couple of days. To immediately download an export to your computer, you can always download it directly from the Exports tab. 
  • If you use the mobile WeVideo app, you'll need to access your account on a desktop browser to download a data archive. 
  • Users with the Student role in a WeVideo for Schools plan will not be able to download a data archive and need to contact an Admin of their organization to receive this data. 
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