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June 2024

Hide Used Media from the Project bin

You can now toggle on and off the Hide used media option from the project bin to switch between showing all the media in your project or only showing the media that are in the project but not being used. This can help you organize and identify the media from your project bin when building a new project.

Screenshot 2024-07-01 155818.png

Integrate WeVideo Interactivity into your Learner Management System (LMS)

WeVideo Interactivity can be integrated into Canvas and Schoology as an LTI 1.3 tool. This will allow teachers to assign the interactive videos to the LMS as an assignment, and learners can complete the assignment directly in the LMS without switching to a separate website. Furthermore, after the learners complete the interactive video, their grades will automatically pass back to the LMS grade book so the teachers can monitor learners' progress both from the WeVideo site and the LMS. Please see more information in the articles below.

WeVideo Interactivity integration for Canvas

WeVideo Interactivity integration for Schoology

May 2024

Broadcast with the interactive videos in Interactivity

The Broadcast functionality in WeVideo Interactivity allows teachers and students to watch the interactive video and answer questions in the videos in real time. Please see this article for more information.

Easier way to select multiple projects/exports 

You can now select multiple projects or exports by dragging on the Projects/Exports page to select them.

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April 2024

AI-Generated Interactions 

Automatically generate and customize interactive video questions with our new AI Interactions tool.

Share Multiple Projects at Once

Create and share a folder with other collaborators and they will get permissions to everything in the folder.

Record screen captures directly from your WeVideo hub

The recorded file will automatically appear in the Uploads tab for quick access, and you can now select to record the tab audio when recording from the Google Chrome tab.

February 2024

Background Noise Removal

Reduce pesky background noise in your video clips with just a single click.

Add Blur Effect to Your Projects

Manually blur areas of your video to maintain student privacy or sensitive information.

Collaborate on Playlists in WeVideo Interactivity

Collaborate on playlists across classes in WeVideo Interactivity to enhance teamwork and efficiency.

January 2024

WeVideo updates:

WeVideo Interactivity updates:

The Product Feedback Portal

Access the Product Feedback Portal directly from the Help tab (question mark icon) in WeVideo, and leave feedback on what’s working, what’s not, and what you’d like to see in future updates. Your feedback helps us continue to make the best product we can for you and your students — thank you!

December 2023

WeVideo updates:

WeVideo Interactivity Update

October 2023

Unsubmit an Assignment

Allow for students to unsubmit an assignment and make further edits.

Reuse an Assignment

Save time for lesson planning by reusing past assignments for other existing classes or new ones.

Rename Projects

Just like in the Classic space, rename projects directly from the editor.

Upload/Assign Images to Classes

Customize the image card for each created class.

More Export Options

Connect sharing accounts (Google Drive, One Drive, and YouTube) to your WeVideo account, then export projects directly.

Add Users to Classes by QR Code

Another option for adding students to classes faster!

Playlist in Interactivity

Teachers can now add multiple interactive videos, resources, websites, and more into a playlist in Interactivity and assign the playlist to learners at once.

Learner Made Bulbs (LMBs)

Empower your students and other educators to create their own interactive content.

July 2023


WeVideo educators can now add interactive questions to any video through the new Interactivity page, unlocking higher engagement and better retention, plus real-time learner data. Please see more information here.

Next-Gen Environment

We are updating both WeVideo Classroom and WeVideo Classic environments into a single Next-Gen environment to provide a better user experience. Please see this article for more details about the Next-Gen environment. 

April 2023

Audio-only Recording

WeVideo mobile app now supports audio-only recording.

Assignment Team

Teachers can create teams for the assignment and assign learners to different teams when creating the assignment. Please see more information here.

Interactive Preview

Users can adjust the elements in the projects from the preview window.

Customize Text Layers

Add strokes and shadows to make the text stand out from the background.

Advanced Export Settings

Users now have the option to adjust the frame rate, visual quality, and export destinations when exporting the projects. Please see more information here.

March 2023

Light/Dark Mode

Users can now switch between light and dark mode in the editor.

GIF and Podcast Assignments

Teachers can choose GIF or podcast as the assignment type when creating the assignment. Please see more information here.

Return Assignments to Students with Feedback

When returning assignments to your students, you can now attach feedback to the returned assignment for your students. Please see more information here.


Users can now create folders in the Classroom environment to organize their projects.

January 2023

Subtitles Generator

WeVideo now supports automatically generating subtitles for any videos in the Projects tab. Please see more information here.

November 2022

Background Removal

Users can now remove and replace their video backgrounds in WeVideo's iOS app. Please see more information here.

Copy Projects from Mobile to Web

Users can start a project from the mobile app, copy it to the Classroom environment, and complete it in the Classroom Editor. Please see more information here.

October 2022

Send Projects Directly to PlayPosit

Teachers can now send their exported projects from WeVideo to PlayPosit and add interactions to them. Please see more information here.

Media Uploader

Users can now use the WeVideo mobile app's media uploader to upload media from their devices to WeVideo Classroom. Please see more information here.

Enhanced Assignments

Now, teachers can add rich text, hyperlinks, and media directly to the assignments. Please see more information here.

Invitation Collaboration

You can invite other users from your WeVideo school to collaborate on projects at any time. For more information, please see here.

September 2022

Projects Tab in Classroom

Users can create and edit projects not related to an assignment directly from the Projects tab in the Classroom environment now. Please see more information here.

Co-Teacher Flow

Easily add other educators to Classes for instant instructional collaboration. please see more information here.

August 2022

Classroom Editor Update

We made a few updates in the WeVideo Classroom Editor to improve user experience. Please see the list of updated items below and see more information about the update here.

  • Minor Reorganization of the user interface.
    • Levels and Undo/Redo have shifted to the left and become part of the Editing toolbar.
    • Timestamp and the Zoom slider have shifted to the far right, directly under your preview screen.
      Screenshot 2024-05-08 095546.png
  • New Filter Effects
  • Grid & Snap: Use Grid & snap to finetune the alignment of footage or other layers that are added onto the clip.

WeVideo Acquires PlayPosit

We're excited to welcome PlayPosit into the WeVideo family! Get ready to enhance video content for your students with interactive engagement and real-time measurement capabilities.

Read the press release

July 2022

Add WeVideo to Google Classroom

Educators can add WeVideo directly to Google Classroom with the new Add-on. Please see more information in this article.


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