How Do I Examine Usage and Reports in the license

Jason Liu -

The license owner and admins can examine the usage and users' activities by visiting the Reports page from the Admin Panel. Please find more information about the Reports page below.


Access the Report Page

After logging into your account, select Admin from the drop-down menu.

Screenshot 2024-07-15 122803.png

Select Reports.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 095531.png

Use the drop-down menu to select the month you want to examine.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 111037.png

On the Reports page, you can find the following information for the selected month:

Screenshot 2024-04-26 095349.png

  1. Users Uploading: The amount of media uploaded by the users.
  2. Users Logging In: The number of users logged in to their account.
  3. Users Editing Videos: The number of users that have edited videos.
  4. Users Exporting: The number of users that have exported projects.
  5. Active Classes: The classes where the assignment has been published or edited.
  6. Assignments Published: The assignments published by the teachers.
  7. Assignments Turned In: The assignments turned in by the learners.
  8. Assignments In Progress: The assignments learners are currently working on.
  9. Used Licenses: The licenses claimed by the users. If needed, you can remove the inactive users to free up more licenses. Please see this article for more information about member management.
  10. Used Storage: The storage consumed in the license. If needed, you can delete the media that is no longer in use to free up more storage. Please see this article for more information about Used Storage.
  11. Used time: The allowance of exports you can finish per month. When a project is finished and exported, it will contribute to the Used time. The used time will be refreshed every month. Please see this article for more information about Used Time.



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