How Can Students and Teachers Share Exports?

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Once you've finished your edit and exported its final version, there are many ways that you can share the export! You can send your peers the link to the share page, share it directly to Google Classroom and Google Drive, or you can add it to the Gallery so that it can be part of a playlist of exports. 


Share page

All exports have a unique URL that navigates to the share page. This URL can be shared to view the export from any device. 


When the privacy of the export is set to PRIVATE, only the creator of the export can view the share page while logged into their WeVideo account. To make the export viewable by anyone with the link, the privacy of the export can be changed to PUBLIC. 




Google Classroom

Finished exports can easily be shared to Google Classroom by selecting the "Google Classroom" icon on the share page. Once you select this icon, a pop-up window will appear to prompt you to sign in to your Google account. 


After you've signed into your Google account, choose the class you would like to submit the export to.


The next step is to select the assignment in your class that your export should be submitted to. Please note that only assignments with a valid due-date will appear here. 


After you've selected the correct assignment in your class, click ATTACH to submit the assignment. 



Google Drive

To share your export to Google Drive, you will need to choose that destination during the export process. 


After you select the Google Drive destination, you will be prompted to sign in to your Google account to allow WeVideo access if it is your first time connecting Google Drive to WeVideo.


If you already have Google Drive connected to your WeVideo account, selecting the Google Drive icon under "Destinations" will simply highlight it to indicate that the destination has been selected. 


Once the export completes processing, it will automatically be sent to the WeVideo folder in your Google Drive account. 



View exports in a project

Whenever an edit is exported, it can be found in the Exports tab of a project. This is a great way to allow any members of a Collaborative Project to view finished Exports made by their peers. Selecting an export in the Exports tab of a project will take you directly to the share page of that export. 




The Gallery is a great tool for showcasing exports to all members of your organization. 


Admin users can change the privacy of the Gallery from private to public in the Admin --> Settings page so that it can be viewed by members outside of your organization as well. 


Share the Gallery by providing anyone the shareable link. 


Exports can be added directly to the Main Gallery or they can be organized into Playlists. When you add exports to a Playlist, they will automatically play one after another. 


Share a Playlist by providing anyone the shareable link. 


To add an export to the Gallery or a specific Playlist, select "Add to Gallery" and choose its destination. You can add it to the Main Gallery, an existing playlist, or a new playlist. 




WeVideo Next-Gen

Students and teachers can share exported projects in WeVideo Next-Gen with others through a URL or directly to additional destinations like YouTube, OneDrive, Schoology, and Canvas.

First, to share the project from Next-Gen, please export the project.

Before sharing the video, users can edit the detailed information for the videos by clicking the Details button.


Users can: update the Title, add a Description, and change the Thumbnail image for the exported videos. After editing, click the cross on the top right of the screen to exit the details menu.



Click the Share button to open the sharing menu.



Users can edit the video's privacy settings, copy the shared URL, or publish the video directly to the selected destination with the options below:


If the Public option or the shared options are not available, they will need to be enabled by the license admin. The admin can follow the steps below to adjust the permissions for other users in the license.

Switch to the Admin page, and select Settings.

Screenshot 2024-03-11 143442.png

Select the user role from the left sidebar, scroll down to the Sharing section, and enable the desired options for the selected user role. Admin can repeat this step for other user roles.

Screenshot 2024-03-11 143228.png

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