What are the WeVideo editing modes?

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The WeVideo editor includes Storyboard and Timeline mode to accommodate users with varying skill levels. To switch between Storyboard and Timeline mode, simply select the menu icon at the top left of the editor and change the mode accordingly. 



Storyboard mode

Storyboard mode is intended for beginners with minimal experience creating videos. This mode is great for individuals who want to create a simple video in just a few minutes. 

In this mode, you can easily modify clips, add captions, and include a soundtrack. You can also use the Themes feature to instantly apply a professionally designed set of transitions, effects, music, text styles, and a title slide to your video.

You can add one voiceover file and one music file to your Storyboard. If your Storyboard is longer than the audio used as the music file, it will loop automatically. If you want to have multiple audio tracks with more control, consider switching to Timeline mode. 

Please keep in mind that Storyboard mode can only be used with the Personal and Shared project types. 


Timeline mode

Timeline mode is the recommended editing mode for maximizing the usage of all available features in the editor. Editing capabilities limited only to Timeline mode include: 

  1. Multi-track video editing to overlay text or create the picture-in-picture effect. 
  2. Color keying tools to create the Green Screen effect. 
  3. Modify the clip opacity and audio levels of tracks.

In this mode, there is no limit to how many video and audio tracks you can add to the Timeline. This is the editing mode used when creating Collaborative Projects. 



Switching modes

If you start in Storyboard mode and switch to Timeline mode:

  • All the clips from the Storyboard will be visible in the “Video 1” track.
  • Applied music will be visible in the "Audio 1" track.

If you start in Timeline mode and switch to Storyboard mode:

  • Any clips in the “Video 1” track will be added to the Storyboard main track. Gaps will be removed, resulting in all clips being connected.
  • If you have additional video or audio tracks, they will be hidden. You may want to click the menu icon and select "Save as" to save a duplicate of your edit before switching to Storyboard mode. 
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