How do I create a video on an Android?

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WeVideo has apps for both Android and iOS devices to make creating on the go much easier! Download the app from Google Play and start creating videos (no log in required). If you'd like to sync projects, access cloud media and more, sign in to your personal or educational account to get more features.


How to Create a Video Using WeVideo for Android


    1. Launch WeVideo for Android. You will be presented with an empty timeline.

    2. Tap the video name if you want to change the name to something other than Untitled Video:

    3. Tapping the (+) button opens the gallery for adding photo and video clips. The gallery is organized by date. Video clips will have their durations displayed in the bottom right.

    4. Tap the clips you want to add to your timeline, then tap the (✓) button to add them.

    5. You can also add media from your Google Drive account. Just tap on the 'On Device' button in the bottom left corner of the app.Also, please make sure you have a good internet connection.

    6. To delete sections of the video, swipe the clip to the right or left.

    7. You can also rearrange images and videos between other images and videos, ordering them in a way that best suits your needs. Tap and hold on a clip to pick it up for rearrangement:

    8. Tap a video clip to edit it. You can adjust the beginning/end of your clip by dragging the bars at the bottom, and change your volume by tapping the speaker icon and dragging the slider:


    9. Tap a photo clip to edit it. You can adjust the duration the photo is shown by dragging the slider on the bottom:

    10. For adding text to your video tap the text icon.

    11. You can set the Start and End to your caption. Also, you can move the text box around until you find the perfect place for the text. Tap on the box to type.The second feature is about adjusting the size of the font. The third one is about the font's style. The forth one is about selecting the color and opacity of your text. And the last one is allows you to fill the text box with color. After you made the edits you needed, please tap Apply.

    12. You can make your video more dynamic by adding some emojis. For this, tap the clip/image for editing, and you will see an emoji menu in the bottom right. Tap the "check" sign in the left upper corner to save all the editing you made.

    13. Tap the music icon to add music to your video. You can choose from music on your device, or royalty-free music from the WeVideo Library. Tap on the song you want to use, then tap the "+" sign to select it. You will see the track you selected is now your current song. You can tap the left upper check mark to apply the change or you can tap on the song at the bottom to set a Start time and adjust the volume

    14. Tap the wand icon to add a theme to your video. Themes include background music, visual effects, transitions between clips, caption capability, and an introduction title clip. The play button is for previewing the theme, but to use it, you need to tap the check mark (✓) in the upper left corner. If you already have an audio track in use, you will be asked if you want to replace it with the theme's audio.

    15. Tap the Title card to select a title to be displayed at the start of your video. If you want to remove the Title card, just swipe it to the left or right. 

    16. Tap the microphone icon to open the narration screen. Tap the red microphone to begin recording a voiceover for your video. After you stop the narration, tap the check mark (✓) to save and apply it. If you haven't saved the first recording, and you tap the record button again, your initial recording will be deleted.

    17. Paid web accounts also have an option that allow you to use media you have stored on your online WeVideo account. This option is called 'cloud media'. This is NOT available with an Android Premium Pass.

    18. You can also upload your app media to your online WeVideo account, if you have a paid web account. This option can be found in the Home section, under 'Media Uploader'.

    19. Tap the floppy disk button to save your timeline as a completed video. You can save your video for free with a watermark and outro, or you can go premium( Premium Pass) and save your video without a watermark and outro:

    20. For web paid accounts, you can choose to publish your video directly to the WeVideo cloud, and to several other third party sites. For this, you have to disable the 'Render on Device' option.
      If you only want to sync your project to the cloud, select the 'Sync Only' option, and your project and media will be synced to your web account.
      The 'Make Video Private' option at the bottom, allows you to make your video Private, once it is published online.

    21. Note: The web app offers functionality that is not supported by the mobile devices, so this sync only works from mobile to web, not from web to mobile. The sync must be manually started every time it is required.
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