How Do I Integrate with My Office 365 Group

Jason Liu -

Connect with the Office 365 group

Switch to the Admin page with the dropdown menu. There are two ways to set the integration:

  1. Select Integration from the Admin page.


  2. Click Add Members from the Members page.


Select Enable for the Office 365.


Log in to your Office 365 admin account.


Enter any secondary domains if needed and click Next on the top right to move to the next step.


Select the groups by clicking the checkbox next to them and adjust the role. The users from the selected groups will join your organization with the designated role when they sign in with Office 365 Single sign-on (SSO). Click Save on the top right to complete the setup.


You will see a notification on the lower left of the screen to confirm that Office 365 was enabled.


Add/Remove Groups

Navigate to the Integration page and select Manage for the Office 365 integration.


Add new OUs by clicking the checkbox or remove the existing OUs by unselecting the checkbox. Click Save on the top right to save the change.


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