How Do I Transfer Projects From Classic to the Multimedia Creation Space?

Jason Liu -

To continue editing and accessing your projects created in Classic, please follow the steps in this article to transfer projects to the new Multimedia Creation space so you can continue working with them in the new environment.

Pull projects from Classic to Multimedia Creation

Log into your WeVideo account and switch to the Projects tab in Multimedia Creation. Click the Transfer Classic Projects button on the banner. Please note that this banner will only be displayed when there are untransferred projects in your Classic space, and you will not see it after all your projects are transferred to the new Multimedia Creation space.

image (12).png

Select the projects that you want to transfer, and click Transfer.

Screenshot 2024-06-03 093419.png

If there are multiple edits in your Classic project, those edits will be placed in the folder, and you can transfer them to the Multimedia Creation space at once.

image (13).png

A notification in the lower left corner will indicate that the transfers are in progress and the transfers are completed.

Screenshot 2024-06-03 093431.png

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