How do I sync my Azure Active Directory

Jason Liu -

Connect the Azure Active Directory through the "Sync with Office 365" settings

Select ADMIN from the drop-down menu on the top left. Only users with the Admin role can access the Admin tab to configure Azure Active Directory Sync. 


Select Members in the Admin tab. 


Select ADD MEMBERS in the Admin --> Members tab. 


Choose the "Sync with Office 365" method to add members. 



Step 1) Connect to Azure Active Directory

Select CONNECT to sign in to your Azure admin account in the pop-up window that appears. 



If you experience issues connecting your Azure account due to permission restrictions, you may not have the proper rights with your account. To troubleshoot, please sign in to an Azure global admin account and navigate to this direct link to authorize the app, and then try connecting again. 


Step 2) Select your groups

After successfully connecting your Azure account, select the groups you would like to import.


Members of the selected groups will only be added to your WeVideo organization after signing in using the Office 365 single sign-on (SSO) method at


Step 3) Assign roles

Next to each group, select the roles to assign new users once they access their accounts. The role you assign a group will be the role any member of that group is assigned upon accessing their account for the first time. 



Step 4) Additional domains

If you have additional domains or sub-domains in Office 365, add those here as comma-separated domains. 

For example, if is your domain, you may way want to add "," as secondary domains for your staff and students.



If you have any questions about configuring the Office 365 Sync integration, please contact for further assistance. 

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