How Do I Use WeVideo and Interactivity for Professional Learning?

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Interactivity's professional learning allows instructors to assign training materials to other instructors and, at the same time, utilize the powerful features of Interactivity to make professional development more streamlined, intuitive, and effective. Educators will have the ability for dual roles, both as an educator creating lessons and a learner experiencing interactive lessons. 


By adding interactions to the training materials, administrators can transform professional development from a passive learning experience into an engaging and active learning environment. With Interactivity, professional development can become a “flipped classroom” opportunity, allowing training and business to be addressed pre-meeting and live sessions to be focused on collaboration and in-person discussion. 


Instructors can also assign multiple Bulbs to different classes at once, which makes it simple and efficient to deliver professional learning to vast audiences. Most importantly, Interactivity provides a convenient and detailed monitor page for instructors to keep track of participants' learning with professional development. This can help instructors gain insight into their participants’ learning outcomes and any training gap that needs to be further addressed.


Please follow the steps below to assign Interactivity Bulbs as professional learning assignments.


Note: Professional learning assignments can only be assigned to instructors in the same instance or license as the creator of the professional learning Bulbs.


Assign Bulbs for professional learning

Select Interactivity from the drop-down menu on the top to switch to Interactivity.



Click the thumbnail image of the desired Bulb and select Assign.



You can also assign multiple Bulbs at the same time by selecting them with the checkbox and clicking Assign on the top



Change the Assign preferences to Assign to professional learning.



Enter the start and end date for the assignments. The assignment will appear in the class after the start date, and the Bulb link will not work until the start date. The end date is the due date for the assignment, and the assignment will be blocked after the end date. If no end date is assigned, the Bulb will always be available to learners.



Select the classes the Bulbs will assign to, and click Assign on the top right of the screen.



Copy the Bulb link and share it with other instructors or copy the embed code and embed it to the desired website. Click Done to close the window and go back to Interactivity.



If you need to acquire the Bulb link or embed code again in the future, please click on the thumbnail image, and select Share Link to view the Bulb link and embed code.



Take professional learning as an instructor

For the instructors taking professional learning for the first time, simply click the Bulb link to start taking the training. After taking their first Bulb, a Professional Learning tab will appear on the sidebar.



Instructors can navigate to the professional learning page by clicking the tab on the sidebar. On this page, they can revisit the professional learning class and rewatch the Bulbs in the class.



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