How Do I Record Audio Only With The WeVideo Mobile App?

Jason Liu -

Users can record audio with the WeVideo mobile app on iOS devices. They can then use the recording to create a project, such as a podcast, on their devices directly or upload the recording to their media library and use it in other projects.

Please follow the steps below to record audio using our mobile app:

  1. Launch the WeVideo mobile app. Select Capture media on the top left.


  2. Switch to the Audio tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the red button to start recording.


  3. When you finish recording, tap on the Stop button to stop the recording.


  4. Once completed, you can preview it by pressing the play button. If you like the recording, tap Save on the top right to proceed. Click Retake on the top left to redo the recording.


  5. After, there are a number of options for what you can do with the recording:
    • Open in editor: Open the editor on the devices and start editing a new project with the recording.
    • Upload media: Upload the media to your media library on your computer or Chromebook, edit it in your account, and use it for other projects.
    • Save and share: Save the file to your devices locally, or share it with others through message, mail, or other apps of your choice


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