Can I assign GIFs and Podcasts in WeVideo Classroom?

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Yes, educators can now assign GIFs and Podcasts in WeVideo Classroom! 


 Previously, GIFs could not be made in the Classroom instance. This release opens up a whole new video type to users in this space. Similarly, Podcasts could be created in Classroom, but only as a Project. Now, this functionality is also in Assignments, widening the options for content in our education-focused space. 


Please note, Podcasts can only be created in-product versus from an MP4 upload ( stay tuned for more updates shortly!). 


How to Create an Assignment 


  1. Find the class you would like to assign the GIF or Podcast. Click create assignment

  1. Fill out the fields for the assignment. Please note, you can choose if the assignment is a Video, GIF or Podcast. Click Save as Draft to save your work and Publish when you want to release the assignment. 


  1. Once published, students can see the assignment and can click Jump In


How to Create a GIF

  1. For GIFs, please follow the standard video creation protocol (create your video and then click Turn In). However, please note that GIFs are 45 second videos. GIFs are not able to be turned in if they are over 45 seconds.


How to Create a Podcast

  1. Go to the top of your editor and hover over the Record dropdown. Choose Voice and select From the Beginning


  1. Select the audio source of your Podcast and click Start.

  1. Record your Podcast once the timer starts. 

  1. The audio will appear in your media section. The recording can be edited and then Turned In after the fact. 


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