How do I add media in the Simplified Editor?

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Drag and drop media

To add media files to your video using the Simplified editor, simply drag and drop the file you would like to use to the editor.

This drag and drop method applies to media in the Stock media, My media, Text, and Backgrounds tabs. Whether it's a picture, video, audio file, or text clip, you can always use the drag and drop method to add any type of content to your video.



Select to add media

In addition to the drag and drop method, you can also hover over a media clip in the My media, Videos, Images, Audio, Text, and Backgrounds tabs and select the plus (+) icon to add it into the Storyboard.



Add music

To add background music to your video in the Simplified editor, click the music note icon to open the AUDIO pop-up window and select the track you would like to use.


You can check "Loop audio track" to auto-loop your music file if it is shorter than the total duration of your media clips.


You can also add music from the My Media or Audio tabs. Simply hover over the music clip in the library, select the plus (+) icon, and choose to Add as Audio.



Add voiceover

To record a voiceover, select the microphone icon in the editor and hit RECORD. You can also start the recording process by selecting the “Narrate” option in the My Media tab.



While recording your voiceover, the preview window will playback the contents of your video. If you uncheck "Mute video while recording", you will hear the audio currently used in your video. By default, this is unchecked so you will not hear the audio during playback when recording.


You can also add a pre-recorded voiceover from the My Media tab. Simply hover over the audio clip in the library, select the plus (+) icon, and choose to Add as Voiceover.



Replace existing audio

While using the Simplified editor, you can only have one voiceover and one music file at a time in your video. You can replace the existing music or voiceover file through the Music or Voiceover flyouts in the editor.


When you try to add another audio file, you will be prompted to replace your existing voiceover or music file. Simply choose the “Replace Audio” option from the menu.


If you are interested in working with multiple audio and video tracks, you may want to consider switching to the Full featured editor. 

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